Regurgitationalistics kami

Regurgitationalistics kami


Man has by no arrangement invented a single ingredient (as of this writing) … ever by no arrangement … nothing current … by no arrangement … now not one current component has been launched into life. All we’ve finished is ‘assemble’ things to be something else, and we call it ‘inventing’. Semantics, I do know … but our thoughts and the rather a pair of things we thunder (keep up a correspondence) agree with the connected tendency … regurgitating things in a varied manner, but they’re the connected droning message (repeating data, citing scripture, gossip, and heaps others ) … over and again. Admire we chanced on a dirty, extinct, encrusted nickel … polished it up and claimed it as our procure … maintaining it up for the enviornment to look and in turn exclaiming our excitement for this current nickel of ours.

Clear … the note “Regurgitationalistics” doesn’t even exist … well … it may per chance per chance now … since I am utilizing it. Surely I morphed the note Regurgitation, which basically arrangement; to present attend or repeat, particularly something now not fully understood or assimilated . Now … I am now not writing this to educate you some be pleased create or regurgitation … slightly …

I in actuality agree with observed that we are inclined to pick out on up all caught up communicating and sharing thoughts, ideas, “data and files” and that we without issues tumble into the entice of simply being talking-heads … largely. Giving nearly NO conception to what we’re sharing … just too busy repeating something we heard … something we saw … something any individual else shared with us. Nearly monkey-love in our zeal to ‘circulate alongside’ some nugget of data … as even supposing we’re getting a finders-rate, or accolades for being the one to perceive such a nugget … all gleeful and entirely overjoyed with ourselves.

This rapid-fireplace arrangement of passing files alongside is leaving us brainless … training us to deem-much less in regards to the message (s) we’re passing alongside … giving us that rapid gratification that we did society a favor by guaranteeing this message doesn’t die on my doorstep … at my feet … on my survey … that it carries on into the future … that somewhere, one arrangement or the opposite, any individual is touched by it.

So many of our social-websites present the coolest tools to support us circulate-alongside things that we both get, or their website online (feed) has chanced on for us … look … as you are finally realizing (with a bit of luck), these websites ‘survey’ you and notice your traits … shriek your links … ‘listen’ to your phrases, and that in turn enables them present you stuff … and you choose up impressed and ‘touched’ by some spicy statement. .. some touching sunset with basically the most romantic or non secular-ish-sounding-potentially-simply statement … which you would possibly simply NOT face up to posting it to your ‘visitors’ … without EVER including your procure commentary … without EVER telling us what ‘that’ approach to you … how ‘that’ touched your coronary heart (or mind) and motivated you to part it with us.

Recognizing beauty, quality, even spotting acceptable personality traits in others isn’t any arena to end … I suggest … passing some stunning portray alongside to others … well-known extra-so when it has some ‘perfect’ quote in it. .. is solely SO tempting. Whenever you look something love that, which you would possibly per chance furthermore deem about, ” oh … I must present others this ‘nugget of truth’ and circulate it alongside to those round me!

NOT! Clutch a whereas to deem about ‘why’ that strikes you … ‘why’ it caught your attention … and ‘why’ you are bothering to part it with us. Bid us how that makes ‘you’ in actuality feel … what you are experiencing and why that seems to impact you.

OK … per chance you’re now not pondering all that deeply about these snippets of data. However, that IS the point … we’re studying to NOT agree with an fresh conception … we’re losing touch with taking the time to deem about something forward of passing it alongside … to even add ‘our style’ to it. No … now not alternate the story and manufacture it your procure … simply that we’d like to acquire a bit extra time to be taught to staunch something uniquely ours … now not passing alongside any individual else’s wittiness, skill, or animated statement.

A protracted time ago now, I used to be getting regular texts from a luxurious buddy … a christian brother who has been saved ’bout so long as me … we each and each were baptized at the connected time in the connected arena. Cass would ship me scriptures by capability of texts on my mobile phone. Two things that were horrible about this

  • This used to be attend in the day when text messages stamp 10 cents per message (depending in your ‘notion’), and one of the passages he would ship would unfold all the arrangement in which through four or 6 text messages … costing me some 60 cents each time!
  • He by no arrangement, EVER had any statement in regards to the passage … by no arrangement EVER prefaced it or adopted up with some “and I deem” commentary.

One day, I finally texted him attend and requested him to both starting up telling me WHY this scripture inspires him to ship it, or end sending them. Uh … he stopped sending them!

And, that is the core of my point … we opt up our warm-fuzzies passing things alongside, but we infrequently ever add anything in regards to the ‘ingredient’ or what it approach to us at that moment … why we’re forwarding, why we’re tagging, why we’re ‘liking’, why we’re even making any fuss over it. Skills gadgets as of late manufacture it in actuality easy to ‘circulate it alongside’ … to rapid let others know and look this ‘magical’ snippet that has moved us.

Without us that approach to let it occur, right here is teaching us to mimic godliness … to repeat what we glance, or hear … to ‘be love’ we’re non secular. Over time and with repetition, we will convince even ourselves how ‘end to God’ we’re, or how ‘now not love those sinners’ we’re, and worse … how well-known nearer we’re to true than depraved. And … that will get us nearer to ‘the rub’ … the flaw … the core subject with regurgitating files … to retweeting … to liking … to easily ‘tagging’ things for which you approve . You invested NO time or vitality into all of it … you merely ‘raised your hand in approval’. We’re turning into life-love, but now not tubby of life … slightly robotic and calculated.

They’ve ears, but they hear now not: noses agree with they, but they scent now not. – Psalms 100 fifteen: 6

Going during the motions is getting more straightforward and more straightforward to end. With SO some systems to be taught to end things, from DIY channels, to websites, to the well stocked YouTube arena … nearly anything it’s essential to agree with to be taught will also be chanced on. However, it’s these refined mechanisms in our lives for the time being that is making it more difficult for us to even look it’s going down.

So well-known so, that we’re warned that our ‘performing love God’ mannerisms are going to blind-aspect us … going to settle us simply at the very worst time in our lives when it’s too slack. Stare this warning Jesus gave us;

Many will disclose to me in that day, Lord, Lord, agree with we now not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name agree with solid out devils? and in thy name finished many favorable works? And then will I profess unto them, I by no arrangement knew you: recede from me, ye that work iniquity. – Matthew 7: 22-23

Seems uncommon to me … I suggest, the oldsters acknowledge they were doing things “in thy name”, yet they come up short of the Lord’s hope for our lives … the ministry He wants us to characterize. However, to agree with the Lord disclose, ” … recede from me, I by no arrangement knew you ” seems harsh. Be aware … it’s NOT how well we know the Lord … it’s how well the Lord is aware of us!

Apply fresh conception … be taught to staunch your thoughts … be taught to personalize that ‘love’ … be taught to dress that ‘retweet’ … be taught to manufacture a subject subject your procure. Any monkey can ‘circulate it alongside’, love you are in some Chinese language Fire Drill line, or something. How? Two key aspects;

  • Take into memoir & Rightly divide His note
  • Develop Some Fruit

Me ?? There agree with repeatedly been two scriptures or ‘phrases’ I in actuality agree with saved end in my coronary heart and mind … ” Take into memoir to present thyself approve d” and ” Rightly dividing the note “. Then, be taught to ‘join’ some scripture or some godly precept … even simply to part something from your life or coronary heart that inspires you to ‘tag’ this portray, this phrase, or this particular link (on the social media websites) .

Nearly all of us acknowledge beauty … nearly about all of us acknowledge quality … nearly about all of us acknowledge something keen, or motivating, or even simply simply something that ‘matters in life’, love a quote, a phrase, or a nugget of truth. Clutch an additional exiguous moment … acquire a bit extra conception-time … acquire a bit extra vitality and easily consist of how / why this ‘ingredient’ matters to you.

For many shall come in my name, asserting, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. – Matthew 24: 5

THAT simply there is without doubt one of many core causes we would favor to end two things; 1) add some extra dialog or ideas in regards to the ‘part’ you are passing alongside, and 2) simply circulate-over any ‘part’ any individual else has handed on without in actuality giving it well-known extra attention.

Notion … the subtly of heresy … the peaceful agreeableness of half-truth … the believability of rather a pair of the ‘true things in life’ can in actuality ease you into a compromising acceptance of the wisdom of the enviornment. Sooner than you are even aware, it becomes a 2nd-nature response in your life … becomes a jog-to- statement which you would possibly utilize when any individual asks “how is your day”, or “how is your faith”, or even deeper and extra excessive … “how is your drag with God”.

Splitting hairs? No … setting apart the sheep from the goats, even supposing! Notion … being responsive to God’s note … being “realized” in the particulars … being exposed to His teaching ample to thwart the wayward and slippery-slope twists that can also be tossed about … it’s extraordinarily valuable.

Now … now not all individuals looks going to be a writer … now not all individuals looks going to be a preacher … now not all individuals looks going to be a singer … and heaps others. You are you … you are His exiguous one, known as to be who He wants you to be … be that! Genuine … face up to doing the short-n-dirty ‘love’ … the straightforward scan ‘retweet’ … the rushed 5 note acknowledge to any individual’s ‘part’. However, be taught to coach YOUR ‘fruit’ from the Lord … the actual skill … the actual ‘perception’ the Lord has bestowed in your life … or is making an strive to bestow. Notion … 1 Corinthians 12: eight-12 reminds us we all agree with varied ‘fruits’ from a life lived in the Lord … and, fruit is the PROOF that there is life … fruit is the slay result of a ragged and well established plant … fruit is the profit the plant has gleaned from a hearty root diagram, glorious exposure to sun, and deep and rich consumption of the vitamins in the bottom.

For to 1 is given by the Spirit the note of wisdom; to 1 other the note of data by the connected Spirit; To 1 other faith by the connected Spirit; to 1 other the items of therapeutic by the connected Spirit; To 1 other the working of miracles; to 1 other prophecy; to 1 other discerning of spirits; to 1 other divers forms of tongues; to 1 other the interpretation of tongues: However all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he’ll. For as the body is one, and hath many individuals, and your complete individuals of that one body, being many, are one body: so furthermore is Christ. – 1 Corinthians 12: eight-12

Now … end NOT opt up available and pounce on any and each ‘violator’ of this regurgitationalistic subject … end now not gaze them out … end now not hunt them down and terrorize them till they repent or end to be so flippant as to easily ‘love’ things on the social websites. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter Three:15 , ” However sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready repeatedly to present an acknowledge to every man that asketh you a motive of the hope that is in you with meekness and pain: ” .

That is to disclose that we’re to prepare our hearts … prepare our minds … prepare our life … ‘they’ will look … ‘they’ will acquire stamp … ‘they’ will in the slay quiz you , and which you would possibly per chance then ‘ give memoir of the hope that is internal you ‘. However, in case you proceed to make utilize of the social websites to ‘love’ or ‘retweet’ or even to ‘post a link’ without even including your commentary on the subject … you are missing a possibility to personalize why that ‘love’ even matters.

That which you will be one of those form of folks that simply purchase to retain your belief to your self … to retain nonetheless … to end away from a war … even to easily opt as a lot as the backside of to retain the peace, because it were. All those are per chance simply how the Lord has developed you to be. Extra conditions than now not, even supposing … these are opt up away routes for us … they’re recommendations we now agree with quietly surrendered to in our lives simply to chug through this tricky life without making matters worse, extra refined and easily working in direction of being much less conflicting .


Too consistently, it’s furthermore being now uncertain of what to even disclose … the build to ‘subject’ others … or to demand the half-truth of some “accept all folks” poem or quote. That is why I’d talked about studying the Be aware of the Lord … studying the ins-n-outs … exposing your self to the deeper particulars. Level of reference … ready?

There were better than “two of every animal” ushered onto the Ark!

Judge I am joking? Bound verify it out! They went IN “two-by-two” (female and male), but there had been MANY better than simply two of every! MANY! Genesis 7: 1-5

There … that may per chance well per chance be a bit extra of what I am asserting … what I am hoping to serve you ‘look’. Too plenty of the ‘things of this world’ agree with influenced the songs we mumble, the poems we like, even the phrases we circulate alongside to our young ones. However, they’re half-truths consistently, and we simply quietly ‘love’ them … or ‘retweet’ them, and even simply allow them to circulate on by without elevating a hand in disapproval, in general for two causes; 1) ignorant and don’t know any better, and 2) too paralyzed (and missing files) to ‘buck the diagram’, because it were. In each and each conditions, end something about it! Clear, the first one takes time (must read, be taught, adsorb, and verify with others), but that 2nd one is the person that in general stops us … simply paralyzed … ill geared up … cautious. The Bible tells us to ‘prepare’, but now not to be unnerved ‘what to disclose’, since the Holy Spirit will present the phrases when it’s time. I suggest … it ‘used to be’ the Holy Spirit in your life that riled your attention … why wouldn’t it furthermore be the Holy Spirit that may per chance well present the phrases … present that make stronger.

And after they bring about you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, acquire ye no conception how or what ingredient ye shall acknowledge, or what ye shall disclose. – Luke 12:eleven

The core point is … end better than simply agree with things passing through your life. Carry out better than simply ‘retain the peace’ … end better than simply ‘love’, ‘retweet’ and ‘post a link’. These items manufacture it ‘appear’ love you are in the know … appear love you are linked … appear love you are as a lot as escape. However, add some ‘why this matters to me’ commentary … add some “and the Lord confirmed me this” dialog … add a pair of of His Spirit to the property you disclose and end. Commerce your regurgitationalistic systems to fresh thoughts!


I love to end three things when I look something I in actuality feel I must ‘circulate alongside’;

  • Why – why this caught my attention (link, portray, phrase, article, and heaps others)
  • What – what it approach to me, how I ‘in actuality feel’ about it
  • How – the style you’re going to also be impacted by it too (now not simply declaring, “this may per chance well furthermore alternate your life”)

Now … jog on … Apply Fashioned Opinion!

… furthermore, ‘love’ this web page! Kidding … simply kidding!

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