The Madness Chronicles – Edisi Khusus

The Madness Chronicles – Edisi Khusus


In this Particular Edition of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll purchase a have a examine the madness of the Coronavirus. Endure in thoughts, madness is a order of being mentally in dark health, especially severely, extraordinarily foolish behavior, and a order of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s purchase a have a examine the horror taking spot in The United States.

My daughter known as from Utah this day with files their Governor had declared a order of emergency. He announced no gatherings of over One hundred folk. She went for a routine day out to Walmart for groceries and found a madhouse. She sent images. The shelves are bare! She described a scene correct out of the motion images. Umm? It appears to be a order of frenzied and chaotic activity.

One other daughter known as and described empty shelves the assign bog paper stood in a Walmart shut to us in Montana. There are in actuality reports of lavatory paper and hand sanitizer shortages nationwide. Curiously, soap remains in abundance. Our Montana Governor, hearing of the bog paper shortage, declared a order of emergency in Montana.

Within the Governors press commentary he acknowledged that no circumstances of the virus have been found, although forty folk have been tested, all detrimental. But, he said that by ‘formally’ declaring a order of emergency, he could perhaps perhaps additionally as we insist assemble $ Sixteen million within the market, and it could perhaps perhaps allow him to call up the Montana National Guard. Being hasty even in my used age, I believed, will the guard be in a space to guard us from the virus?

My Utah daughter known as help after getting dwelling and quick us that the Mormon church announced they’d be closing all conferences starting Monday, March Sixteen. Again, being hasty in my used age, I believed, umm, I wager the virus is unable to catch somebody till the 16th. Animated? But earlier than my partner and I returned dwelling after our daughters call the Mormon church had reconsidered and announced they had been canceling all church conferences worldwide till extra gaze. Likely I channeled a thought there procedure, you below no circumstances know.

The scene described above is being repeated across The United States. As of a pair days within the past, Washington order reported I contemplate nine deaths from the Coronavirus. But within the event you dig a little bit deeper, you procure all had been elderly and residing in nursing homes. And none, as in zero, had in actuality been medically confirmed to have died of the virus. They had been most efficient ‘suspected’ of demise from the virus. Would maybe there be some extraordinarily foolish behavior by the media occurring right here? You preserve.

The NBA announced they had been pondering the probably of now not allowing fans into games. With that files, the self-appointed King of All the pieces, Lebron James, let the sphere know HE would now not be playing earlier than empty seats. A pair days later, a member of the Utah Jazz tested obvious for the virus, and the NBA with out note announced they had been canceling the total season. A solid reaction for one participant contaminated.

The NCAA had previously announced that their basketball tourney, March Madness could perhaps perhaps be conducted in entrance of most efficient family people and the media. All americans is aware of they are able to’t be contaminated. And the tumbleweed of madness won momentum schools, excessive schools, and significant schools are announced closings. And assemble you know the Surgeon General announced the flu is extra of a risk to adolescents than the Coronavirus?

Now and again madness is genius. Endure in thoughts when Saul Alinsky, he’s Karl Marx, said, “The topic is below no circumstances the topic.” Teach about that for a minute. Then recall to mind worn Chicago Mayor and Obama Chief of Workers, Rahm Emmanuel announcing, “Never let a disaster breeze to waste.” Teach about that for a pair minutes. After which bear in mind this … for slightly a whereas.

Within six weeks of the terrorist assaults on 11th of September, 2001, the Patriot Act modified into rammed by Congress with most efficient one dissenting vote. The Act modified into, finally, primarily primarily based on a disaster. Moral? It took away a total bunch particular individual rights, expanded surveillance powers, and made American citizens less free. Animated?

What if I quick you the Patriot Act provisions had been written prolonged earlier than 9/Eleven? Speak what? Noteworthy of it modified into in actuality written one day of President Reagans’ time in spot of enterprise. Nonetheless, the proposals had been rejected by Congress. More modified into added below President Bush, Bush the Older. The plans had been again denied by Congress. Enter President Clinton and the Oklahoma City bombing. Mutter! A disaster.

Real now following the Oklahoma City bombing came the Antiterrorism and Efficient Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). And that legislation contained many of the proposed legal pointers build forth by Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. Crises at hand and Congress handed it with flying colours. Watch how it works? Expanding authorities law, scenario passing legislation, introduce a disaster, and you’ve got the solution. Repeat. Isn’t that racy and demanding at the identical time? Would maybe or now not it be a mere tactic of the Deep Enlighten? You preserve.

The towers of the World Alternate Heart came crashing down, and love Houdini Bush, the Youthful has the solution ‘written’ and handed in six weeks. Voila ‘The Patriot Act! The Patriot Act performed the legislation of three old Presidents. Isn’t that suave? Our elected officers could perhaps perhaps additionally very well have a design finally?

Why would our newest disaster, the Coronavirus, be any totally different? It can perhaps perhaps additionally turn out a deadly virus that ravages the sphere. Or it shall be a unsuitable flag. You be the mediate. But undergo in thoughts, the topic is below no circumstances the topic and below no circumstances let a crises breeze to waste.

Would maybe we wake from this madness earlier than it’s too leisurely. I want you generous health and till subsequent time … have stress-free, revel in life, and peek out for the madness amongst us.

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